During this conference, 3 specialists in foreign language teaching and learning (Claire Tardieu, Jean-Rémi Lapaire, Joëlle Aden) will be presenting their workshop on using poetry and dance in a foreign language classroom. For more details see the following website (in French only): L'insurrection poétique : la poésie, ça se danse aussi !

Date and location of the workshop: December the 12th at 14h00 on the conference premisses.


 Short bio:

Claire Tardieu


Claire Tardieu is a university professor in English didactics at Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3. She teaches bachelor's and master's degrees. Her research lies within the framework of  social mind theory of Lantolf and in a more general way follows socioconstructivist tradition.

Her main research topics are assessment and epistemology of didactics. She is currently working on the project EvaluÉ in partneship with la DEPP on assessment of oral speech in interaction. Her personal interest in poetry has encouraged her to create links with didactics. She has recently published a book Notions clés de la didactique de l’anglais.

Jean-Rémi Lapaire

Jean Rémi

 Jean-Rémi Lapaire is a university professor in linguistics and English didactics at Bordeaux 3 University. He was in charge of the pole CLES (language assessment center) in Bordeaux. In addition to his research on grammar and gesture studies, he has participated in developping several language learning manuals.


Joëlle Aden


Joëlle Aden is a university professor in language sciences at Maine University. Her reseach lies at the crossroads between two fields: identity construction in multilingual and multicultural school environments and the place and the role of empathy and emotional intelligence in language learning contexts, namely through artistic activities and theatre


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