Key speakers




Isabelle Puozzo Capron holds a PhD in Language Sciences and specialises in the study of the feeling of personal self-efficacy in learning. She is currently working as a training officer at the High School of Pedagogy in Vaud (Switzerland), in the teaching and research department. Her research focuses on the study of transversal factors in teaching and learning: the feeling of personal self-efficacy,  creativity and the role of emotion in language teaching in secodary and vocational education. 




Professor Shimoda is an invited conference speaker for the opening of the international symposium on creativity and innovation organised by LAIRDIL in collaboration with  INNOVAlangues. The symposium is fully supported by the university.

Pr. Shimoda was chosen because of his double interest in science and arts, being a researcher in didactics of sciences and communication technologies as well as a novel writer well-known in his own country. He has received awards in both fields.

LAIRDIL wishes the research community to benefit from his visit to France and has offered him a 3-week stay as an invited professor in december 2015. 

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